What does "blog integration" mean?

(Joakim Bang Larsen) #1

I see that one of the features listed on the Discourse website is “blog integration”?

  1. What does that mean practically?

  2. Does Discourse support a kind of blogging system workaround? Not in the traditional sense, but maybe through tags?

This way a user can keep a blog within the forum by tagging a post with the “blog” or “blogpost” tag and they will be sorted in chronological order when a user searches for posts tagged with “blog” or “blogpost” by an other user.

A possible feature request would be that such a search result will be embedded in the URL, so that you can share these blogs in a sticky post or in other ways.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What it means is exactly this, look on my blog and click around: https://discourse.codinghorror.com