What does Rebake mean and do?

(Anton) #1

Please could you explain a bit about what is the purpose of the Rebake?
I struggle finding good word in Russian, so I’d like to better understand what it does exactly.

(Rikki Tooley) #2

Rebaking (in Discourse) is the process of transforming a post written in Markdown to HTML, which can then be displayed on the page.

It’s a metaphor, “parse”, “process” and “prepare for display” are more literal descriptions.

The term “rebake” tends to only be used by developers though, and since the specific rake task is rake posts:rebake, I would be wary of translating it all over the UI for fear of confusing admins as to which command they need to run.

(Tobias Eigen) #3

This has been renamed to “rebuild HTML” in the ui.

(Anton) #4

Unfortunately, to most Russian-speaking moderators HTML or rebuild HTML does not make sense as it is still a technical word/phrase and does not describe what is going to happen actually. In my view, re-render / process again with a more technical tooltip would do.

(Kane York) #5

Sounds like something to put in the translation notes :slight_smile:

(Tobias Eigen) #6

Is rebuild html a function that moderators need to have access to? Or is it more of an admin task that could be hidden from moderators? I still personally haven’t seen what it is for and have never used it on my forum.

And where in the world do forum moderators really not know the term HTML or benefit from learning what it means? I would push back on this one, honestly, and not give it a name that makes it less clear what it does. Instead document it in a guide for moderators to explain what this (presumably advanced, presumably rarely used) feature is for, and link to explanations of HTML and markdown which moderators really should know and have a working knowledge of.

(Anton) #7

The text for the following key in Transifex still uses the rebake term:


It currently says:

Allow tables to be entered in Markdown using HTML tags, TABLE, THEAD, TD, TR, TH are whitelisted (requires full rebake on all old posts containing tables)