What does selecting Update Discourse Topic do?

(Blu McCormick) #1

G’day everyone!

Should the blog be updated with the latest comments automatically when they are generated (with some reasonable delay for whatever reason)?
Whenever I generate a new blog and click on update discourse topic, will the new topic generated in the forum based on the blog always have the shortcode? Will I just have to delete the short code in the forum topic one time and then after that, only comments will automatically be embedded in the original wordpress blog with no more carry-over of the shortcode to the forum?

Thanks, guys.

P.S. This app is awesome btw. Combined with the “like button” plugin we use, we can share our blogs with (I think from memory) any of 172 or 192 social media platforms which bring people to our website. They then read the comments embedded in our blog by your plugin. To comment, they have to click on the button provided by your plugin and join our forum. Love it!

WP Discourse Plugin Tips and Tricks
(Simon Cossar) #2

If you setup a webhook between Discourse and WordPress you can get the comments to update automatically. Look at the Webhook tab on the plugin’s settings page for details about how to get it going.

Anytime you select the Update Discourse Topic checkbox the post will be republished to Discourse and overwrite the previous topic content. You should only select that checkbox if you want to update the Discourse topic.