What does tracking a tag achieve, rather than watching it?


I’m testing in the try.discourse.org sandbox. With one userid, I’m tracking the tag ‘art’. With another, I created a topic tagged with that, and a topic with a different tag. Both topics show up exactly the same in the ‘new’ lists, and ‘latest’ and ‘unread’ (ie neither show up under ‘unread’). The same applies if I then use the second ID to reply to both topics - again, the first ID sees no difference between the 2, and neither appear under ‘unread’.

So what does tracking a tag get me? I’ve also tried watching a tag, and that does successfully notify the first userid with the ‘1 notification’ mark on the user. But I expected that I’d see any new topics with a tracked tag under ‘unread’, and replies to a topic with a tracked tag. Is there somewhere else I should be looking for them?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Pretty much what it says here, except “every topic with this tag” instead of “this topic”


Thanks, but that isn’t what seems to happen on the ‘Demo’ board. If you watch a tag, then you do indeed get notification, at the user ‘avatar’ at the top right. But the count of new replies, whether for ‘watching’ or ‘tracking’, doesn’t seem to happen for tags.

If you reply to a specific topic, you do get a count next to that topic in lists, and the topic turns up in the ‘unread’ list. But it seems you need to reply to the topic (or possibly the “read it for more than 4 minutes” I’ve seen somewhere - but exactly when that 4 minutes starts and ends, I don’t know - do you track every time a page is left?) to activate that. Which makes tracking a tag fairly useless, it seems to me.

Also, are topic tags meant to allow tracking of all topics that already exist with that tag; all that will be created in the future with the tag; or both?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Good point; can you clarify @sam?


After further playing about, it looks like that any thread you read that has a tag you are tracking will get tracked for you from then on, whether or not you read it for the full 4 minutes, or reply to it. So tracking a tag does have an effect, but perhaps not as much as I expected from the explanation. Maybe it could read "You will automatically track all topics with these tags that you read "?

(Sam Saffron) #6

Yes, this is exactly how it works. There has been some previous discussion about this issue. The problem is that the topic is in the new bucket until you enter it. There is not much we can do to resolve this fundamental issue short of merging new and unread which would be way too severe.