What does "views" column represent?

(Jack James) #1

Looking at the stats on the admin page, there seems to be a discrepancy between the number of “referrals” to a topic, versus the “views” as shown on the topic list.
Is there a way to reconcile this (or help me to understand the difference)?

Google analytics shows a view count of “30” for that topic, so there’s definitely something amiss.

(sparr) #2

If I click a link to that page, Discourse tracks that I clicked it (I think) with a script on the linking page. Google Analytics will only detect my visit if I participate in GA, which I don’t. So when I visit that page, the click/visit count goes up one, but the GA views count does not.

(Jack James) #3

But that still doesn’t explain the discrepancy between the admin panel and the forum display, both of which come from discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I believe the visits column should be titled “clicks” since that is what the special links measure, how many times the link was clicked. @neil isn’t that so?

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Yes, “clicks” would be a better name for it. I’ll change it.

The topic list counts have nothing to do with referral links, so don’t waste your time trying to compare those numbers. The admin counts are concerned with incoming links.

(Jack James) #6

I’m still confused as to why incoming traffic would be higher than views though.

(Jack James) #7

Something really doesn’t seem right about the Views counts seen in the forums. Analytics shows me 32 page views on one post (discourse shows 12), 19 on another (discourse says 21).

Why might this be?

(Sam Saffron) #8

we count unique ips, many analytics packages count total views.

(Jack James) #9

so if I was to view a specific post on 3 different occasions, that would only count as one view?


Very sorry to bump an old topic, but I’m actually curious about this as well. We just had a spike in traffic where Google Analytics counted almost 58k views (28k unique) on a single topic in a single day (primarily referrals from Facebook), but Conversations itself only displays a total 5.2k?

Just wondering how to account for such a discrepancy?