What "ELSE" is required to make a great forum

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #1

With such a strong software support through Discourse, low deployment cost, let us hear out opinions and views on what “ELSE” is required to make a good self sustained forum.

  1. Great Hobby (Can become a full time Job)…(Software is not the only Hobby :wink: )
  2. Circle of close friends. (Forums are for discussion, individual are just a part of puzzle)
  3. Existing Forum.
  4. Ample free time and bunch of registered domains. ( All knowledge and lot of related junk is a already out on the net, just need to re-order it, clean it, rephrase it)
  5. Other options / suggestions?

Too many blogs are out there and very few I would say have dedicated user base. Many sites are nothing but just a bunch of few pages and no content. & many me too news aggregating sites for nothing.

So who should attempt setting up forums and expect to make a sustainable difference ?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Vanilla has a pretty good article on this:

The short, easy version is: be famous. Famous people attract crowds and communities.

However, famous could also mean “had a popular Kickstarter”, not that you have a celebrity of some kind.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #3

I think, I took a time to realize some of those points.
I think with Discourse lot of people (like me) are going to try it otherwise. Start with a forum to become famous (not a star type). But that is a tough way forward.

With Discourse as lot of important things being taken care well, it is heady start.

Second thing I am guilty of is, not asking for help and reaching out. I am still concentrating on content and not reaching out people enough.

When i started reaching out the closest of the friend they didn’t get the point and shied away but support / help came from unexpected corner. It is not always friends who can be of help, but many times it will be friends friend.