What happens when custom plugins are official integrated in discourse?

(RBoy) #1

I was going through the various plugins and found the solved plugin very cool. I also read from @sam that this was going to be an official release plugin (thanks WD).

Currently the only way to get the plugin is customize app.yml to include the plugin as a custom plugin from github. So when you rebuild it downloads the plugin.

So I’m wondering what happens when the plugin is official released? Will the custom plugin conflict with the official plugin? Will the rebuild fail (assuming not), do we need to remove the entries from the yml file or will the custom plugin co exist with the official plugin (how will that work?)?

(cpradio) #2

Solved will likely never be built into core, and will remain an official plugin (one you still must manually install yourself).

However, should that change, they will embed it in discourse core and you would need to remove the line from your app.yml file (which happened with the narrative bot).

(RBoy) #3

Thanks, that answers one part. What would happen if one didn’t remove it (either missed the release notification or something)?

(cpradio) #4

It would fail to upgrade (and then you would remove it from the app.yml and run a rebuild).

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #5

I remember when discourse-details was brought in, the repor was emptied as a means of preventing failure.

Would that still work for other plugins?

(Mittineague) #6

I guess it depends on if people actually take the time to read. Personally, there are times I like to explore old code for historical reasons even though I know it is obsolete

Even if the last commit date is missed, shouldn’t this first line be enough?