What happens when you bulk invite an existing user?

(blaumeer) #1

I have a parent’s school forum where users are organized into groups (school classes and sections) and mapped to categories, all done using bulk invites.

Sometimes an existing user could be invited a second time, in a different group. What happens to the groups he belongs to?

For example, a parent has a son in class 4B, and a daughter in class 1A. The parent is enters the forum with the son’s class 4B and belongs to group 4B. Later, the daughter’s class wants to enter the forum and a bulk invite is prepared for class 1A. The desired behavior is adding the second group membership, or an error message fallback.

I did not test it yet, but could find time to simulate this case. Does anybody have experience with this situation?

(Arpit Jalan) #2

Bulk inviting an existing user will simply add it to the desired group, without any error or warning.

He will not lose any existing group membership(s) he already belongs to.

(blaumeer) #3

Thank you for the clarification! This makes things simpler.