What html tags and styling can be used in posts?

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Is there a way to know or see a well gathered info about what hmtl tags and styling can be used when writing a post?

For example, I know that H1 header works. But if I want to set a different color to it with style=“color:red;”, that won’t work.

Is there a list where I can see what works and what not?

Thanks in advance


This may not directly answer your question but I believe you’ll find most of these answers by simply searching these forums as well as searching the markup language Discourse utilizes.

# This would be H1
## This would be H2
### This would be H3


As far as color styling, that is not inherently supported. However, you can get a plugin that does just what you’re looking for. Now I was going to link you the bb color code plugin we’re using but that doesn’t appear to be available (as a topic) on here anymore. So I’d say, check out this newer bb codes plugin. That would look like as follows:

I usually quickly pull up this list of web safe colors and use the chart at the top.

P.S. - Generally the ideology of Discourse is ‘keep it clean and simple’, which I like. However, there are times where you’re looking for added functionality not provided. This is where plugins come in handy. Therefore, I’d recommend you check out what plugins are available. If a plugin doesn’t exist for something you’d like, you could even ask if someone is willing to invest time into making it possible.

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You can use HTML tags paragraph, links, header, image, lists ect.
CSS style="" not supported

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This doesn’t work for me :frowning: even on this site


So no, what you quoted won’t work on this site. They do not use a bb color code plugin.

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Oh I thought was in built. Thanks
I guess I didn’t read it in full just jumped in


It happens. We all overlook things from time to time, especially when in a hurry. :runner:

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Thanks for the ideas, we’ll definitely look at these plugins in the near future!


I’ll just add these two links here.


(credits to codinghorror who posted this elsewhere)

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I’ll just add these two links here.

Markdown Reference
BBCode tags reference

(credits to codinghorror who posted this elsewhere)

Thanks, these are really helpful too!