What Is Considered A “Consecutive” Day?

I recently lost my 100 day streak thanks to some bug I think I found. I have visited everyday this past week, yet my visits aren’t 8, they are 7. I think it happened yesterday, but I just don’t get it. So I am just wondering, what makes a “consecutive” day?
You have to visit
You have to visit a topic
You have to read x amount of posts
You have to post
You have to spend x amount of time on the forum

Does consecutive mean visit in each 24 your period in my time zone, or I have to visit again within 24 hours? Or is there some universal time frame that I would have to visit in to be considered me visiting that day?


I still don’t know…

But… every day in a week… that is 7 visits, right?

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Yeah but there can be 2 visits in one day, because a “day” is 24 hours, so you have to visit twice

And that keeps building up to a week. 366 possible visits in one year

I, and a number of others, routinely have 8 days a week displayed on the Users page. I don’t know for certain, but I think it has to do with timezone differences. (where a “day” gets “split”)