What is included in the backup under Admin?


I see that there is a tab under admin with backups and .tar.gz files

i set up a discourse message board on a Digital Ocean droplet via the github instructions but i never made it public. i would like to put it on hold and close it down but want to save my backup for next time. there were are about 25 topics created and i made customization to settings and categories and the header.

is all of this included in this backup?

also, what will happen if i lose access to the email i used to setup discourse? i think i remember when i first set it up that it was important to not lose access to that initial admin email. can i change it?

(Daniela) #2

Yes, when you do the restore of the forum you will start exactly where you stayed, same topics, same customizations and same users.

If you have access via SSH you can Change staff email address from console or Create Admin Account from Console