What is the “Automatically removed quote of whole previous post” system edit?

In the notification list, I see

Pencil System (topic thread name)

The edit history says
system 1 hour — Automatically removed quote of whole previous post.

.The last item on his post looks like the user made “whiskers” from keyboard keys, put at the end of his statement…

The “quote” is still there, though.

URL: 2018 July to Dec - CageyCat Lounge - Water Cooler - Tomnod

So why is System editing last Oct’s Halloween posts?

Who controls System? Discourse? or the Company over the community? If controlled from Discourse, can System stop doing these confusing unnecessary actions?

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“System” is being a busy bee, even on my post. ??? Where I come from, we call that behavior Nosy Nellie.

We’ve recently introduced a feature that removes quotes when a user quotes the entirety of the post above them. This significantly cuts down on duplicated forum content.

We talk a bit more about it here:



The history only shows:

Adding a little pumpkin to it to celebrate theseason? :yum:

It is the only time those words were used at all on the Forum, or in the thread. It was not quoted text. It is NOT a quote message! The only difference I see is the user had yum yum instead of one yum.

Second, it took away who Jim replied to, if anyone.

Third, as a human overseer (moderator), I already monitor that kind of behavior. AND I’ve just spent months teaching folks how to quote a line or two, make a comment, and quote another line or two and comment. (Combine multiple replies, like the System nags at us.) Please don’t let System go overboard. “yum yum” is an oft-used expression in American English, even if it duplicates a word!

Very confusing. Can’t wait till folks start noticing and want me to explain why their posts are being edited… :frowning: :-1:

Is sure appears to be Looking at the post you linked, Jim7 said “Adding a little pumpkin to it to celebrate the season? :yum:”, which was quoted in its entirety by Cageycat. Then system then removed the quote.

It does not, the quote is only removed if it is from the immediate preceding post.

Those quotes will not be removed. Only quotes of the entire previous post in a reply immediately below the original content will be removed. For example, none of these single line quotes I’ve made of your post will be removed. Nor will the following full post quote be removed (as it’s not from the immediate preceding post):

And as I suggested in the post @supermathie linked to, you can disable this feature if you’d like.

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Not if I’m a Moderator, not an admin.

Howver, WHY remove a full quote if stated in the previous post??? This is a perfect example that from all your text, it sure is nice to have a snippet in the response!

Edit: AI does not understand human banter, which goes on on our forum all the time! My reply (picture) is directly related to the prior text (it wasn’t just quoted for something to do). One line won’t break anything or clog up any system. I could see if someone quoted 3-5 sentences in a paragraph, or quoted several full paragraphs. But one line??? Hardly worth the effort you’all put into an AI to “scrub” anything.

Because a full quote is not a snippet. It’s a full quote. Quoting the entirety of the previous post just causes duplication - I see the full text in your post, then I see it again in my full quote. Let me try explaining with an example:

A user posts five paragraphs of text. The user who replies quotes the entire post. You end up with the five paragraphs appearing twice - which we think is unnecessary.

If a user quotes only a snippet of the previous post, it will not be removed.

Does this make sense?

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ONE LINE is not several paragraphs! This scrub is way overkill. Save it for PARAGRAPHS of text. Geesh, now we get a Sys Cop.

We like to joke. We banter. How SILLY this deletion is on one short line of text.

Very true. There’s no fancy AI here, just 3 simple rules:

IF a user adds a quote
AND the quote is of an entire post
AND the quote is from the immediate preceding post
THEN we remove the quote.

As previously mentioned, if you don’t like the feature on your site, ask an admin to disable it. We do not plan to add further rules like the length of the quote. It would just complicate it further and make it more confusing for users: “why did this full quote get removed but not that one?”.


However, the AI could be programmed to the # of characters that make 1 line of a Disourse window. Anything that length or shorter could be quoted. Issue solved.

Why did it remove 1 of the “yum yum” portion of text? Or am I reading that wrong??

I think you’re reading it wrong, or I’m looking at the wrong post. https://forum.tomnod.com/t/2018-july-to-dec-cageycat-lounge/5535/73 appears to be the original post, and includes a single :yum: emoji. The reply (https://forum.tomnod.com/t/2018-july-to-dec-cageycat-lounge/5535/74) quoted the post, and the entire quote was removed, leaving solely the image. Are you seeing something different?

Maybe the history page is confusing me because it makes it look like Jim posted text, plus the picture. He did not post the pic. On the other side is me, posting the pic (but it does not show I quoted anything, so how the heck are Mods supposed to figure out what System is doing?

I stand by my complaint on this-- One line is NOT too much to quote. It should be left as banter. It won’t harm anything. You’ll be scrubbing our forum to where we will lose the human expression that goes on in a group. Besides that, now I gotta retrain everyone… overkill.