What is the best use cases for a company comparing to a Q&A? (Using askubuntu as the concrete case)

(sean) #1

Ubuntu (Cananical) uses both a Q&A site, http://askubuntu.com, and a forum side, http://discourse.ubuntu.com.

Can we use that as a concrete case study to let potential users of the product select the best solution for the right situation?

Discourse and Quandora (or other Q&A platform like StackOverflow)
(Sam Saffron) #2

Ubuntu actually have


Personally I think its kind of unfortunate, there really should only be one support forum. This happened cause of history.

First there was ubuntu forums
Then they saw stack overflow and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we had an SO like site … so there…
Then they saw Discourse and thought it was cool, but could not convince the powers that be to move forums to Discourse.

I don’t see a use case for a Q&A forum and a Discourse Forum in conjunction. However we don’t yet have a fully featured Q&A plugin so there is no complete solution yet.

If anything this is a classic case study of it being better to just pick a single product and go with it.

cc @jorge_castro

(sean) #3

Indeed, if we can measure the traffic and engagement of the above three sites, we may be able to get a real answer to “what ppl will use under what kind of situation”.

(Michael Downey) #4

Hmm. Is this something that is being considered to some extent?

We’re really reluctant to try to launch something on SO via Area 51, and find that running our own system is kind of a drain on resources and “places to look”. If this is on the road map for some time in the not-years-away future, I might not put much effort into building out a new Q&A system.

(Sam Saffron) #8

A Q&A plugin is on the roadmap, but we don’t have any timing for it. Clearly we will prioritise it if paying customers demand it. My gut tells me we will have something sometime next year. That said if someone felt so inclined they could start working on it today.

(Tobias Eigen) #11

Has Q&A functionality been written up yet using user stories or mockups? Do you have ideas already what this will look like in discourse? Will it be like stack exchange but simplified?

I ask because this feature is a requirement I have with a new project I am starting, and the current thinking is to use a separate system (WordPress plugin) which I’d like to try to avoid.