What is the community about?

I am new on this community, but I have already been a regular on other discourse forum (Shotcut), I know everything about formatting and else in the forum. But after looking much, I can’t figure out that what is the forum about. I hope that the members of this forum are enough kind to explain all about this forum to a fellow member. Is the forum opensource?

What are the Code of Conduct on this forum?

This is because I want to learn all the rules on this forum, So I do not unfollow rules by mistake. (I have never unfollowed any forum rules, and I even don’t want to do so, that’s why I always read the rules) :grinning:

Thanks @Moin ,but it is still hard to understand. Can you simplify it a little, because the thread doesn’t tell much about the forum.

I have read the Terms and conditions, so now I know the privacy conditions, and they are fair. I have also found the rules on FAQ.

You can report #bug s here or discuss a #feature request.
Maybe you have a look at the “about the category” topic in each category to get a better idea of what this forum is about.
In general it is about the software.

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Thanks, I will definitely have a look.