What is the difference between these two username settings?

(Ben M) #1

enable names


display name on posts

(Erick Guan) #2

You can find the latter one appearing near the username in every post. The first one controls whether the full name shows on the user card, profile and etc.

(Ben M) #3

Ah ok. I think with both of them on you get the full name twice in some cases. The following is what I see when I look at one of my replies half-way down a topic. Looks weird…

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Good point I will improve copy on that first one to make it clearer. It is not clear at all the way it is written now.

Show the user’s full name on their profile, user card, and emails. Disable to hide full name everywhere.

(Kane York) #5

What you’re seeing there is:

username [shield] Full Name Title

Remove your title at /admin/users/bemiller.

For example, @codinghorror has

  • username = “codinghorror”
  • full name = “Jeff Atwood”
  • title = “co-founder”

(Ben M) #6

Ah! Nice one, thanks.

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