What is the docker install using as an HTTP server?

(Jeff Willette) #1

I installed discourse as per the instructions here: discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I thought that I saw something about it being served from nginx and I definitely got an error page one time that was a 500 error from nginx, so I went in to my server to tweak the nginx configs and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So how is this happening. Did I see the nginx error from my top level domain? What is serving the app?

Sorry I don’t know much about ruby apps

(Matt Palmer) #2

It’s nginx inside the container. Don’t tweak the config by hand, though; it’ll get blown away on the next rebuild. Use an exec or replace stanza in your app.yml to script an edit.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

You get that 500 error in the time between when nginx cranks up and when rails is ready to go.

But you probably noticed that by now.

(Jeff Willette) #4

got it, turns out I just followed the instructions for https. I initially wanted to run my own because I already wrote the scripts for letsencrypt another nginx server. For future reference if I wanted to change something in nginx, what kind of things should I execute from the .yml file?

Is there anywhere you can think of with an example of this being done?

(Matt Palmer) #5

The files in the templates directory are chock-full of all sorts of interesting examples of editing various files.