What is the meaning of this? SSL ISSUE

cat “Your PositiveSSL Certificate” “Intermediate CA Certificate” “Intermediate CA Certificate” >> ssl.crt

I have 4 files
community.xyz.org.key community.xyz.org_ecc.key ssl.crt ssl.key

Now what to do?

Using cloudflare for ssl,

I am following this steps:

Is there a reason you need to use Cloudflare for SSL? Our official install guide automatically sets up certificates via Let’s Encrypt so you don’t have to worry about it!

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Actually my dns and main domain site’s ssl is managed by cloudflare,
so that’s why I want to use cloudflare’s certificates.

I tried letsencrypt but didn’t work
I wan’t able to configure it properly!

Did you change cloudflare to dns only before trying to rebuild?

I have 2 sites, main and subdomain
in main site, I already have cloudflare’s ssl certificate,

Now, I don’t understand how can I not use ssl in subdomain and use letsencrypt’s ssl!

I have installed discourse from marketplace, people on YT are uncommenting letsencrypt email and it works for them but not in my case!


It was mixed content issue in my site!
Cloudflare setting was on for automatic https rewriting but proxy status was not set, that’s why it was not converting http to https!


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