What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?


(Sam Saffron) #1

I would like to create this topic to inspire budding plugin authors.

As a user what is the most amazing plugin for Discourse you could imagineer?

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(Sam Saffron) #3

Bug Tracker

I wish there was a plugin that allowed me to use Discourse as a bug tracker, allow me to assign a status to a topic (complete, open, etc). Allow me to filter stuff by status. For an added bonus assign badges to people of fix bugs or are first to report bugs.

(Sam Saffron) #4

TODO list

A special topic where posts can be TODO items, each post can be marked done. At the top level you can filter down to “completed items”, “open items” and “everything including general discussion”. Posts can either be a TODO item or just regular responses on this topic.

Using Discourse: Tracking tasks / TODO lists?
(Sam Saffron) #5

Image Gallery

Extend markdown with a special extension that allows users to upload a series of images that then can be viewed as a gallery, with thumbnails, lightboxes and all.

(Sam Saffron) #6


Allow me a special category with a top level menu item for a Blog. Include RSS and Atom feeds. Allow all users on the forum to comment and also allow anonymous to post comments.

(Pekka Gaiser) #7

Do you mean integrating an external blog application, or literally using Discourse for blogging? That would feel wrong, trying to make the platform into something it’s not (and shouldn’t be).

(Sam Saffron) #8

A similar feature has already been requested on SE where the disconnect is way wider. Often forums need a spot for announcements and the like, the distance between that and blog is not too big.

(Pekka Gaiser) #9

True. I would just fear massive feature creep towards all the millions of little features that make a basic skeleton blog functionality into a really good blogging software (look at WP). It could weaken the product’s focus (how far is it from there to using Discourse as a CMS? Uggh)

But maybe I’m being too conservative.

(Sam Saffron) #10

Yeah, this is clearly not core mission, just a wild idea for a budding plugin implementor. I am imagining we are not going to have too much time to work on plugins in the near future.

(Tim Post) #11


Allow people to throw pizza at each other or rob each other’s ships. This has been something communities love since the days of Food Fight!, Trade Wars and Legend Of The Red Dragon:

Since we have a high curve for browser support, make pong or something as a plugin to show how developers could write more games as plugins that admins could install.

(I do realize that just using the system will eventually be a bit of a game in and of itself)

(Stefan Plattner) #12

A (group) calendar for community events

Create and share a calendar within the forum community. Events can be added and managed according to permissions settings; you can choose to have notifications sent.

Community Calendar
Discourse topics as Google Calendar events
(Clay Heaton) #13

Not awesome, perhaps, but I’d like to see a plugin that would allow me to browse the usernames of people registered with the forum and see some general statistics (how many registered users, etc…)

(Clay Heaton) #14

In gaming communities, it’s common for people to have several threads for trading games, buying and selling from/to each other, and tracking reputations and reliability of those transactions. It would be cool to have a plugin that allows users to track thing they own that are relevant to the forum. For example, on a gaming forum, users could track the games they own and whether they are willing to sell or trade them. They also could track the games they would like to buy, etc.

The plugin could then act as sort of a matchmaking service between people on the forum. If you wanted to buy Daikatana really badly, then you could search for users who have a copy they are willing to sell or trade and send a PM to them. Alternatively, if you were really trying to get rid of your copy of Night Trap, you could view a list of all of the eager potential buyers. Finally, if you were jonesing to play some multiplayer Bolo, you could view a list of people who own it and are interested in MP matches.

This could be equally relevant for other types of media – books, DVDs, etc… – or even for cars, motorcycles, etc. The plugin would allow you to track an entity and then to tag that entity with a variety of tags present by the administrator. It would need to include basic search functionality.

(Adam Davis) #15

Integrates with, or manages membership for clubs, including payment processing for regular subscriptions (club dues) etc.

(Adam Davis) #16

Deep integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Allowing one to share not simply links to topics, but to take posts wholesale and reblog/republish them in other media.

(Adam Davis) #17

Secret Santa. Users can “Join” the secret santa, submit enough personal information for someone else to send them a gift, then the plugin will randomize assignments (so I’d get @codinghorror, he’d get @sam, who would get …, who would get me) and send those assignments to the people supposed to send the gift.

The assignments would take into account assignments made during the previous N secret santas to avoid one person having the same assignment two years in a row, and shipping preferences, so those that weren’t willing to ship internationally wouldn’t be assigned someone outside their country or region (USA vs North America, for instance), and, optionally up to the contest administrator, wouldn’t be assigned someone from outside the country (hey, not willing to ship internationally, not exactly fair you get cool gifts from abroad).

I’ve run a secret santa for a small forum for four years, and still do it by hand each year using excel to match everyone up. I keep thinking about making it a plugin, but haven’t yet gotten around to it.

(Clay Heaton) #18

Rendering of LaTeX for math notation.

(Clay Heaton) #19

Down-voting of posts.

(Sam Saffron) #20

Regarding “browse the usernames of people” I feel this should be core functionality

Should "down-voting" be core functionality in discourse?