What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?


(Sean Conlin) #124

Downvoting can hurt discourse. Think about a thread on Reddit. Many times you only see the majority opinion because everyone else has been “shouted down” so to speak with downvotes.

(Daniel Watkins) #125

You can already specify an Analytics token in the admin settings, which is used (though said use is buggy at the moment). Would you want anything else from a GA plugin?

(James P) #126

@Odd_Bloke I don’t think so.

It’s been a while since I touched GA, but it just seemed like a useful thing to have. I can’t recall if there are script parameters that could be modified… if there were, those would be a useful thing to be able to be modified.

So then I guess my request would be for a non-buggy GA plugin. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andy Standfield) #127

Also stealing their “whisper” feature (private sub-conversations between users inside of a thread).

I would love this. I think it’s the number one contribution Vanilla has made to the evolution of forum conversations.

(Philip Mok) #128

May I suggest a Opinion poll plug in like this ?

(Alexander) #129

There is a poll feature in the works: Embedding polls in posts

(Philip Mok) #130

I will vote for math notation
but i dunno if R markdown would be a better way to for discourse
R Markdown

(Daniel Watkins) #131

In the spirit of Henry Ford, “Any user can have any mathematical markup that they want so long as it is LaTeX”.

EDIT: Using this as an example of revision history.

(Gordon Pedersen) #132

I like this idea. I’ve always had a problem with people editing their posts after others had replied to them and all context gets lost. It can get very confusing. A way to view the revision history would give one the option to “go back in time” as it were and see exactly what it was people replied to.

(Pedro_Sousa) #133

I miss 2 plugins, one is “url black list” and the other is word replace (for example replaced by a link).

(Bogdan Opanchuk) #134

As far as I understand, R markdown can use either TeX or MathML for equations, and the latter is a pain to type manually. MathQuill may be a good alternative for those who is not comfortable with plain TeX.

(Daniel Watkins) #135

I’ve edited my post above (What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?), on which you should be able to see the revision history by clicking the red pencil icon below my username and the post date.

(James P) #136

Wait, was this feature recently added?

Annoying I had to rephrase my question to be longer… :confused:

(Nick Sahler) #137

I am actually working on something like this :slight_smile:

(dgw) #138

I very much like this idea, and agree wholeheartedly with @jasongetsdown that it’s something that readily generalizes to a wide variety of situations. I can think of a number of Web communities that I use right now that could then potentially use Discourse instead of their current (sometimes buggy, homebuilt) platform.

(Harald Hanche Olsen) #139

Well, the obvious answer (to me) is to integrate MathJax. It is mature, actively maintained, and in use on many sites I visit frequently, such as math.SE, Math Overflow and MathSciNet (restricted access).

I should add that to me, having LaTeX support isn’t merely a killer feature, it is absolutely essential. If I can’t have it, then Discourse isn’t for me. But I would be surprised if it isn’t fairly easy at least to get rudimentary support. The hard part would be to get a live preview while editing. But they manage that on math.SE, so it is doeable in principle at least.

(Bogdan Opanchuk) #140

Not really.

(Steve Helinski) #141

Wordpress integration whereby a user of Discourse could also be validated to blog on a WP front end.

(Stefan) #142

I would like to see a Group functionality too.


Webhooks to integrate new posts or comments with other tools.