What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?


(Nathan Osman) #181

Why? PHP already has phpBB which is almost synonymous with “forum”.

(dgw) #182

Cool part is, this isn’t even a plugin at this point. It’s core functionality (in testing).

Click top bar to scroll top
(mirod) #183

(actually, it looks like for now you can’t even post a reply entirely in all caps, well done!)

(Sam Saffron) #184

Status Completed see the all caps plugin

(miceiken) #186

Something I found really intriguing on another forum I frequent was the ability to rate another post.

In the right bottom corner these icons would appear when you hovered.
(Image) Vote Buttons

(Agree, Disagree, Funny, Winner, Zing!, Informative, Friendly, Useful, Programming King, Optimistic, Artistic, Late and Dumb)

In the left bottom corner a summary of the post votes
(Image) Vote Count

When you press (list) a “tooltip” will appear with what users voted.

I find that his encourages people to write proper, more constructive posts, at least in a big and diversified community.

I’d love to see a plugin such as this.

(probus) #187

A Pub Quiz Plugin!

Lots of forums have them and they’re always messy and ugly. What you need is a post for tracking the score and a way to ask and answer questions:

  • with time limits
  • so that others can’t see your answers
  • that can be multiple choice or open ended

Scoring should have some primitive (correct/incorrect or first, second and third best answers) ways to keep automatic score and the option to leave scoring to the person running the quiz.

Ideally, I would have one topic where the opening post keeps score and the replies are rounds of the competition. All discussion would be on another topic to keep things tidy.

Whaddaya think?

Feature to create quizzes?
(Kevin Romond) #188

Notification on keyword. Something like an @mention that a user would set up for themselves. When a keyword shows up in a post or topic, they get a notification.

We have multiple development projects discussed all across our discourse instance. Projects can be discussed in any category. The project team would like to be notified when their project was called out for attention. We are currently using @mention_groups to address this. Like tagging, this puts the burden on the post author to do the mention and get it right

The fact that the group name is expanded into a list of group members also works against our interest. Future readers don’t learn the group name that was called out

(James Finstrom) #189

I use category.RSS with ifttt when a post gets pushed to the blog category ifttt tweets it

(N Dx Treme) #190

Actually, this might work as a really good upgrade to meta.stackechange.com. Since meta is really all about the discussion, both of the topic and how to grow the community.

(N Dx Treme) #191

How about a thanks button?

(Tuan Anh Tran) #192

Isnt it what like btn is for?

(N Dx Treme) #193

Well, not really. I can like a post, because it’s funny. But I want to thank someone for being helpful.

A thank you button is a more active idea. It is easy to like something, but only the most helpful in the community would get thanks.

(@SenpaiMass) #194

Steam 0auth plugin for the gaming communities would be an awesome extension

(Tobias Eigen) #195

How about a plugin for a “buy @person a beer” button?


(Rahul Dhingra) #196

Discourse as wordpress plugin -Someday someway paid or free

(Judy) #197

This is a big one. Lots of MMO clans set up forums to plan events or raids, trade gear, ask questions, and more. Little integrations like Steam OAuth, and other plugins to make it easier to do the above, would provide massive benefits for new clans.

(Judy) #198

Haha, I like this. Could you be more specific? I loved Wave, but Discourse seems to be 70% of what Wave was, while solving the problem of being much easier to use.

(Judy) #199

I would love to see Facebook-style notifications when a topic is being replied to. When someone opens a reply box (I forget what it’s called, OneBox? Omnibox?), a set of three pulsing dots shows up with a person’s name, so you know they’re actively working on a reply.

Might not be as useful in a forum setting, but I absolutely love it in chat. It adds a level of “conversationality” to communication.

(Hunter Owens) #200

I’ve been building a similar plugin for my discourse site. We use discourse to manage our team during UChicago Scav (What?) which basically treats each thread as a item, with a ‘page captain’, ‘scavie’ etc, assign to it, and then can change the status of the item (or thread).

(N Dx Treme) #201

While that would also be a great button to have, my idea is that a like button is just a popularity contest, while a thanks button is a helpfulness contest.

We could have a Number of Beers icon showing how much people appreciate someone, but it increases the barrier to entry to show how helpful a person is. Unless it is just a figurative beer. Then it might be confusing, as well as disappointing.

It also might not go over well at an AA forum. That could be solved with a choice of what the Buy Me A would be, so isn’t that big an issue.