What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?


(Adam Davis) #15

Integrates with, or manages membership for clubs, including payment processing for regular subscriptions (club dues) etc.

(Adam Davis) #16

Deep integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Allowing one to share not simply links to topics, but to take posts wholesale and reblog/republish them in other media.

(Adam Davis) #17

Secret Santa. Users can “Join” the secret santa, submit enough personal information for someone else to send them a gift, then the plugin will randomize assignments (so I’d get @codinghorror, he’d get @sam, who would get …, who would get me) and send those assignments to the people supposed to send the gift.

The assignments would take into account assignments made during the previous N secret santas to avoid one person having the same assignment two years in a row, and shipping preferences, so those that weren’t willing to ship internationally wouldn’t be assigned someone outside their country or region (USA vs North America, for instance), and, optionally up to the contest administrator, wouldn’t be assigned someone from outside the country (hey, not willing to ship internationally, not exactly fair you get cool gifts from abroad).

I’ve run a secret santa for a small forum for four years, and still do it by hand each year using excel to match everyone up. I keep thinking about making it a plugin, but haven’t yet gotten around to it.

(Clay Heaton) #18

Rendering of LaTeX for math notation.

(Clay Heaton) #19

Down-voting of posts.

(Sam Saffron) #20

Regarding “browse the usernames of people” I feel this should be core functionality

Should "down-voting" be core functionality in discourse?
(Andrew Brown) #21

Circles of trust or something similar. I frequent a forum where you can post to the general forum, or to a subset of trusted friends. That’s where the real action is, and once you get in the right circles, the discussion is even better. All of this is invisible to anonymous visitors though. While this isn’t great for the open internet, it is actually really good for the community.

By the way, what support is there for writing plugins currently? I’d love to get started experimenting with writing some.

(Jon Nermut) #23

Facebook Pages two way integration - so that new topics & replies from Discourse appear on the Facebook page, and vice versa
The use case for this is that every organisation has to have a facebook page/group these days and huge amounts of discussion occurs there, but not everybody is on facebook so that you also have to have non facebook forum, which Discourse now looks the best option for.
Automagically combine the two with seamless integration and you have the perfect solution

(Caesar Wong) #24

IFTTT integration for notifications.

One of my pet peeves with forum software is that the only notification option is e-mail.

Put in a vote for Discourse in Zapier apps
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(M@ Dunlap) #25

I’d love to see something like the notion of ‘Bots’ from Google Wave. Software agents that could be added to individual conversations to do simple things.

For example, if I posted some LaTeX with some “please edit this” flag the bot might automatically render the LaTeX to HTML (or MathML) and edit my post with the results.

(M@ Dunlap) #26

Per-user translate option that would just feed the text through Google Translate before putting it on my screen (possibly alongside the original).

… not that I speak any other languages, but it’d still be a hugely important plugin.

(AstonJ) #27

Groups (with their own admins/threads etc). These are particularly important for larger communities imo.

Friends/following lists - so people can easily find content from their friends.

(Sven) #28

A tapatalk API plugin. Would give instant access to tapatalk mobile clients.

(Sven Dowideit) #29

I concur - trust metrics.

Both the private trusts to help you filter what you read and public trust metrics to help new people identify who is credible.

(Daniel Hölbling) #30

I would love to see real syntax highlighting for code.

(Chris Leong) #31

Question and answer integration - unfortunately StackExchange isn’t available as a installable product anymore, and even if it was, it runs on a completely different stack

Two-layered conversations (shadow topic)
(Matija Grcic) #32

The first thing that came to my mind when i started using Discourse.

(Matija Grcic) #33

Nice idea. Instead of sticky topics that really “represent” a blog post about something in general.

(Jason Rossitto) #34

This could be generalized to other domains. Cooking, homebrew, knitting. Users might have recipes, patterns, code, etc, associated with their profile. Other users could generate threads in response to these items, or even post new recipes related to existing ones. This could create a traceable lineage for a particular recipe. E.g. my potato salad recipe is based on his, which was based on hers. Or four other people have posted versions of the Russian imperial stout recipe I posted.

This goes beyond “likes” and “dislikes” to capturing and recording the flow of ideas behind all those paragraphs we write to one another.

(jcolebrand) #36

nested “rotating” comments. So that you see replies as nested, but after you descend to the second level the “grandparent” of the chased comment “disappears” so that the rabbit hole doesn’t feel like too much of a rabbit hole.

Sort of like how “context” on Reddit eclipses the ancestor comments on a thread.