What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?


(Hunter Owens) #200

I’ve been building a similar plugin for my discourse site. We use discourse to manage our team during UChicago Scav (What?) which basically treats each thread as a item, with a ‘page captain’, ‘scavie’ etc, assign to it, and then can change the status of the item (or thread).

(N Dx Treme) #201

While that would also be a great button to have, my idea is that a like button is just a popularity contest, while a thanks button is a helpfulness contest.

We could have a Number of Beers icon showing how much people appreciate someone, but it increases the barrier to entry to show how helpful a person is. Unless it is just a figurative beer. Then it might be confusing, as well as disappointing.

It also might not go over well at an AA forum. That could be solved with a choice of what the Buy Me A would be, so isn’t that big an issue.

(Tobias Eigen) #202

Whoops! I was actually joking. :smile: Next time I put the smile in there to make it more obvious.

I like the sentiment of thanking each other and “helpfulness contest” but I think that’s already happening with the like button. And offering too many actions diffuses things. Maybe if the like button text were themable so the word is not “I like this post” but rather “I appreciate this post” or “this post helped me, thanks” your need would be met.

(Василий Пухов) #203

Disqus has a widget “Popular Threads”. This kind of widget is useful for promotion of a specific discourse site and a discourse platform is general.

Reader badge bug?

Trading System

A basic trading system where the topics can be started like listings with custom fields to sell, buy, exchange physical goods. And an integrated trade feedback system.

Several forums these days sell digital/physical goods or allow users to sell second hand goods to each other. We have it too and are not sure how to switch to discourse without it.

(Scott Trager) #210

I’d love one where you could “fake out” a troll by making them think their posts are going up, while actually hiding them from all other users. It always makes me smile when they keep posting over and over again and you know that no one can see it.

(Desrever Nu) #211

A Bitcoin tipping integration. I want to be able to tip Bitcoin with one click.

Bitcoin Tipping Plugin
(Bcguy) #212

Hi Sam,

I’m curious how exactly you get the 63 votes is the top voted anything on Meta. I see 89 votes for advertising on this thread:

I think Advertising is much more important than Chat.

Also - I’d be interested in seeing the Chat product definition as you guys are thinking about it. The last thing I want is a “chat” design that doesn’t archive all the discussions automatically and keep them available for people to see any time - because in most public forums I’ve had chat in we end up closing them down due to the fact that they take an enormous amount of moderation work (full-time, online basically) - and are a feeding ground for trolls.

(mountain) #213

That is easily fixed by only allowing certain trust levels access to the chat.

As for moderation, perhaps each line in the chat can be flagged. That way a mod doesn’t have to be there 24/7 and it with the surrounding lines can be reviewed by a mod at their best convenience. I just did that for a RP chat I’m on in the early hours of the EST morning. The person posted something they shouldn’t, so I right-clicked their name, selected ‘report’ and then stated simply in the provided box why I flagged it. It then auto-uploaded the person’s ‘chat line’ and the surrounding ones as context and alerted staff.

I got this a few hours later: [11:22] Barbarian: Just letting you know that staff have received your report and the user is being spoken to. Thank you for the alert!

(Michael Downey) #214

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about likes for suggestions posted in this topic.

(nichumm) #217

As a plugin in wordpress an option could be added to use wordpress built-in comments or your discourse forum.

Then you could keep the “old” comment system running for older topics and discourse for newer.

(Ronteras) #218

something like this:

Indicate large time gaps between posts in a topic

Aggregated feed from google alert for certain keyword.

Example: SpaceX forum,everything spaceX will get on the feed automatically

(Kane York) #220

I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Chat Plugin features

(Anton) #222

Estimated reading time [optional] column available for all topics lists.

(Naveed Ahmad) #223

Show related topic while posting new one. Just like Stackoverflow show the related questions.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #224

Discourse already does that. :beers:

(caue rego) #225
  • Community ticket system!

The idea is not bug tracking nor replacing zendesk or uservoice. But I believe some business could benefit of keeping most user communication open in a forum while enabling customers to still use their email seamlessly.

@drewda this is the way I envision that whole “different set of functionality”. Also pay attention to the follow up topic, which I just moved to “feature” because maybe this part of it should actually be core:

(Anton) #226

Let uses and/or mods edit image file names after uploading images.

12345667.JPG under the image (when you mouse over it) is boring and nonsense!
And I simply can’t let all users rename files before uploading - no way.

This has been discussed already a few times and refused - I simply don’t understand WHY. Rarely would one ever bother about file names. Yet my mods would put meaningful names while reviewing messages. Currently all photos on my forum say 123456.JPG when you mouse over - and it looks just terrible.

(Sam Saffron) #227


Just putting this out the #1 plugin I am wishing for these days.

For context: https://slack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206870317-Emoji-reactions

Using Discourse as a internal Knowledge Base / Intranet