What is the title field used for?

(Joshua Frank) #1

There’s a field called title in the user preferences, but I can’t see where this is displayed or used. Also puzzling is that in user admin preferences (/admin/users/{userId}), the title field is a text box, but in user preferences (/users/{userId}/preferences) it’s a pencil edit, and when I click the pencil it asks me to choose a badge:

On this site, where I’m not an admin, I don’t see the title at all.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It is the title field that appears next to the user’s name when they post, and on their profile page and on their user card.

Mine says “co-founder” as you can see ↑

(Joshua Frank) #3

Ah, thanks. Now I get it. But why is it requiring me to choose a badge in one place and free form text in another? That’s just confusing.

(Kane York) #4

The one that requires you to select a badge is available to all users; while the free-text entry is available only to admins.