What languages do you speak, and how well?

(Joop Kiefte) #1

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What languages do you speak and how well? It can be a good idea to collect this, so devs have an idea about the public…

(Joop Kiefte) #2

For myself, I am native Dutch, speak English, Esperanto and Portuguese quite well, I also manage to hold a conversation in French, German, Spanish, Ido and toki pona.

(Nate Finch) #3

Sounds like you’re a lot more multi-lingual than I am. I pretty much only speak English. I know enough Spanish to ask where the bathroom is :wink:

(Sjors) #4

That’s a lot of languages. I’m also a native Dutch speaker and learned to speak English quite fluently on the interwebs.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I appreciate the thought, but we can collect such data on multilingual populations through online statistical information and almanac data more reliably than a topic here.

We certainly notice who is contributing to which localization files and it is very much appreciated, but I don’t think this topic is a good fit here.

(Jeff Atwood) #6