What occurs when a private message topic is marked as unlisted?

(Dean Taylor) #1

Can anybody point me at reference documentation / spec for the marking a topic as “unlisted”?

For both public topics and private messages…
What exactly does unlisted do?

  • Not display topics on generally on latest list and in categories?
  • What about for those people involved in the topic already?
  • Do the existing users involved in the topic get notifications if another member posts a reply or “likes”?
  • Are emails prevented?
  • Do topics continue to be listed under the users profile?
  • Do users get told a topic has been made unlisted / listed again?
  • Does it do anything different for private messages?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

All it does is prevent the topic from showing up in any public topic lists (or searches).

That’s all.

It will have no effect on a PM, since a PM is not in any public topic lists.

(Dean Taylor) #3

Thanks for the clarification.

Perhaps “Make Unlisted” should be removed from PMs?

(system) #4

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Yes, perhaps we should do that… @neil ?