What should make the notification bubble go away?

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This is somewhat related and I want to confirm whether this functionality is intended. I’m calling notifications.json through the API so that I can display if a user has any unread notifications on the non-Discourse portion of my website. I’ve noticed that when I get a new notification and click over to Discourse, the blue notification bubble doesn’t appear (which is not ideal). The notifications are unread though when I do click to view them (they are highlighted blue).

I’m guessing that because notifications.json was accessed with an API call, that’s why the bubble was cleared (it’s as if I clicked to view the list of notifications).

Should the bubble clear just by clicking to view the list of notifications or should it remain until each notification is clicked on (acknowledged)? I’m uncertain how the major social networks are handling this functionality these days. I could see if a user had a lot of notifications that it would be annoying to have to click on all of them to make the bubble indicator go away, but on the other hand having to actually view all them would possibly keep users more engaged in discussions.

Notification count gets removed when still unread
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Have a look at the API call…

Pass it ?silent and it will not make the stuff go away.

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(lid) #3

In my opinion if you open the notification area and there are “new” items highlighted in blue inside it should be reflected outside.

it doesn’t necessarily got to have the counter, but some sort of a cue that there are unprocessed actions in that area.

I will also say that not all notifications are made equal, some notification will trigger and action some not.
reply --> require action
like --> does not require action

so “like” for example may auto dismiss on view

####Also the user should have a way to “dismiss all”

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Ah, perfect! That solves my snag.

I’m still definitely interested in opinions and reasoning on the default functionality though. One of the somewhat frequent gripes I would get from users on my XenForo forums was that they would overlook a notification after opening the notification bubble and then some time later they’d realize they were missing out on a conversation. Engagement would be inadvertently lost every so often. The functionality is pretty similar with Discourse.

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Thing is, if you are tracking topics this is a non issue. The “unread” tab will always be correct so missing topics is real hard work.

Low traffic forums really would benefit a lot from a “automatically track all topics I enter” user default.

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Very much agreed on this – it’s bothersome that I need to click to clear a “like” notification. Good ideas except I would like to see the bubble with the number remain rather than the glyph change color. I’d feel more gratification if I saw the number going down after I acknowledge each notification.

@sam The unread tab isn’t that intuitive for most people; I think they are used to bubble-things at the very top telling them about new interactions. After using Discourse heavily for a few months I’ve gotten used to the unread tab and I get the philosophy behind it (and tracking vs. watching), but the average person might not realize it’s there. Notifications should have more importance than an unread tracked topic.

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I agree that it’s weird that the number goes away when you click on it. I thought it was a bug

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I admin a low-traffic Discourse and would find this very useful.

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(Michael Downey) #9

FYI, we had 2 users report this as a bug this past month.

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(Clay Heaton) #10

Prior to v1.5.0.beta10, the notification bubble would go away when we viewed the content that triggered the notification(s). Now, however, it only goes away if we click our “profile, messages, bookmarks, and preferences” icon. Was that a deliberate change or are we seeing a bug?

Like Notifications are clearing without viewing the Post
(Sam Saffron) #11

Is this on meta or on your instance?

(Clay Heaton) #12

On our 2 instances - not meta.