What Silenced Users can/can't do

I think this just boils down to uncertainty of what different things are called within Discourse. I have a user which I’ve blocked, as it states that means they can’t create topics or respond to them… but are private messages to other users considered a new topic or response? ie. Can that user now PM me to ask what they can do to get unbanned? (I want them to be able to PM, so how can i prevent them from dealing with the public but still be able to reach out to me or others.)


The block function does just what it says, it only prevents users from creating or replying to topics. The user can still PM any user if they exceed the trust level value that was set in min trust to send messages in Settings. By default, that trust level is 1, but it can be changed.

That’s a good question, we should verify if blocked state prevents PM creation; I think it should. Can you check @techapj?

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@codinghorror I can verify that a user can still PM after being blocked, it has happened on a forum that I moderate on multiple times, even when the forum is up to date. But I personally think that should be left as-is, because for some forums (like 000webhost, where my verification comes from) are willing to unblock users, but we require a reason.

Would it be possible to include a separate option to block a user from creating or replying to PMs? Completely separate from the already existing block function? This would be a good addition for 1.9.

I disagree. If blocked users can’t create topics, they shouldn’t be able to create PMs, which are simply another kind of topic.

Note that there is already an exemption for PMs to staff so that’s irrelevant.


Ah, I didn’t know that there is an exemption for PMs to staff. In that case, I suppose expanding the coverage of the block function would be appropriate :content:

I did check on a newly installed instance of Discourse, and I can once again verify that blocked users can create and reply to PMs, so maybe this should be fixed in the next commit

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If blocked users can PM non-staff that would be a regression. They definitely were not previously able to. Old topic for reference:


I just verified that blocked users can’t send PM to other members (except staff).


So much spinning off of the topic. Thanks for the quick answer and the obvious indication that this is a fixable feature. Or at least documentable. (c:

Please note the terminology has changed from “Blocked” to “Silenced”


Can Silenced users send Private Messages? My understanding of the conversation above is that they cannot/should not but I don’t see that included in the FAQ list for Silenced.