What web URL link will generate OneBox's and what won't?

(Stephen Chung) #1

Not sure if this has been asked or not. Hard to search for keywords regarding this.

Certain URL’s I include in a post turns up with a digest format in a box with descriptions etc., such as:




Notice that meta.discourse.org here doesn’t seem to generate the digest, but my installation does.

Other URL’s do not generate such digest boxes and remain a simple link:


Is the something a website must do in order for the digest box to show up?


It’s onebox not digest

(Stephen Chung) #3

Ah. How does a website get to have this OneBox? Sorry I am not too familiar with OneBox. :sweat_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Use this tester: Generate Responsive Embed Codes via Iframely

Some sites Discourse treats as special, however.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

The correct answer is that pages need to have OpenGraph or oEmbed tags in them.