What's the benefit of enabling "Staff must approve all new user accounts" option?

(Tenzan) #1

When should I enable “Staff must approve all new user accounts” option?

I will for sure need this option, for example, in Simple Machines Forum, where many spam bots (?) registers, but what’s the main benefit of enabling this in Discourse?

I hope my question is clear :smile:

(Régis Hanol) #2

This option is mainly here to allow for private instances where membership must be approved. Dealing with spam is not something that should be done manually. That’s why there’s the Akismet plugin :wink:

(Tenzan) #3

What’s a private instance?

(Régis Hanol) #4

Discourse forums where you can only see and/or create contents after being approved by staff members.

(Tenzan) #5

I think I’m missing something…
I’m still able to see Discourse forum contents when I’m logged out…

(eriko) #6

You need to set “login requred” to disallow access the site without logging in.

(Tenzan) #7

I thought @zogstrip was meaning this meta discourse forum… This is why I said I’m able to see forum contents without login. :smile: