What's the current state of LDAP support in Discourse?

(Ernest Lee) #1

I have been trying to determine the state of LDAP support in discourse. Are there any plugins or guide on setting up LDAP other than using auth0?

(Chris D) #2

Wondering about this too because my office uses active directory. Is there any work being done on LDAP authentication? :smile:

(Jens Maier) #3

After a bit of Googling: GitHub - sneridagh/osiris: OAuth 2.0 compliant token server with authentication proxy capabilities

Apparently, this is an OAuth provider that authenticates against any LDAP backend. With this running alongside your ADS, Discourse should be able to authenticate users through OAuth against your domain. You’ll have to add this custom OAuth provider via a Discourse plugin, but this kind of plugin is literally less than 25 lines: