What's the difference between /site_texts/ vs /email_templates/?

I’m trying to sort out where I should do my editing for invitations. There are two (2) fields - Subject and Body - in one page found at this path:


Curiously, the text content appears to be the exactly the same info as is found on these two separate pages:



What’s the difference? Do I edit in /site_texts/ OR /email_templates/?


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You can edit the templates either through Admin/Customize/Email Templates or through Admin/Customize/Text Content. The difference between the two is that in the Text Content setting you have to edit the individual templates (subject_template, text_body_template, etc.) When you edit the template through Admin/Customize/Email Templates, you will see all the individual templates that are used to construct the email in one place. For that reason it is probably easier to edit them there.

If you try editing a part of the template through Admin/Customize/Text Content and then go to the matching email on Admin/Customize/Email Templates, you will see that the changes that you made to the template part are showing up on the email template. The email template is what is actually used to construct the email. Any changes you make there will override changes that you have made through Admin/Customize/Text Content.


Thanks Simon. I was coming to that conclusion.

I have a follow-up Q. For additional templates called…


By what means are these sent? For the previously discussed template/text (/email_templates/invite_forum_mailer), is that the message that goes out for BULK address uploads, versus these, which look like more like a simple SINGLE invitation that is sent when I add addresses one-by-one?

The custom_invite_mailer template is used when you invite a new user to a topic and include a custom message in the invite:

The custom_invite_forum_mailer is used when you invite a new user to the forum by clicking on the Send Invites link from the Admin/Users page and include a custom message in the invite:

I’m writing a #howto topic about this today.