Whatsapp Integration with Discourse

In regard to this topic,
lately, we have been seeing people been able to login/create new accounts thru Whatsapp APIs.
FB is deprecating webkit/sms login in favor of Whatsapp login. Any plans to allow Discourse integration with Whatsapp or Telegram Login?


There are topics here on meta which discuss logging in with Telegram, did you search prior to posting?

No telling whether it’s still working, but it might be worth checking before asking someone else to reinvent the wheel.


I searched about whatsapp. And got a few topics about that and telegram chat also.
But I failed to find this telegram login topic.
Thanks for pointing it out for me.

As the original author of the discourse_telegram_auth I must say that for the most typical usecases my approach is really terrible; there’s definitely a market for an auth plugin for Discourse which allows “login with Telegram” just as one of the login options, side-by-side with Google, Github etc.
Doing a separate SSO add certain exploitation complexity (the need to run a separate server which handles the auth proxying — including having a public hostname and https setup for it), but also is not the most straightforward thing UX-wise.

I didn’t do any searching, though; maybe such plugins already exist. My code is not that that, though.