When adding and assigning categories, multiple tabs requires refresh

(syamsul) #1

While creating new subcategories and switching back and forth with back button on the browser, I notice the following two behavior after a few categories creation:

  1. I cannot assign the “Parent” categories (parent categories is empty) when creating categories.
  2. When I want to assign the topic to subcategories, the “Categories” only listed “Uncategorized”.

When I log out and log in again, things seems to appear fine.

(Joseph Pullan) #2

maybe don’t keep swithing tabs. just keep to the same one?

(syamsul) #3

That works, thanks.

But I still think it’s a bug.

(Joseph Pullan) #4

no problem happy to help. I used to have the same issue, but i dont think discourse is designed to have to admin tabs opened at once, so i wouldent think that the developers will adress this issues soon, but i coud be wrong.

(Kane York) #5

The category list is not dynamically refreshed, which is why you’re seeing this behavior. A reload would have fixed it.