When does User Trust Level promotion occur?


(Dean Taylor) #1

One of the first actions a new user wants to take inside one of my communities is to upload a picture.

Obviously newbies are told to read a few topics when they complain about not being able to upload images.

But the complaints are occurring with more than 5 out of 10 new users (so over 50%)…

So I’m running Discourse v1.4.0.beta1 +34

I’m a but confused about when the Trust Level promotion occurs…

I’m probably missing something very basic in understanding this - or mis-reading these numbers

Sometimes when I spot the complaints I check the users and I see they have met the requirements…
… but the actual Trust Level promotion sometimes happens minutes later - other times - it feels like hours.

I'm using the default Discourse Trust Level Settings

I was expecting the following user to be promoted from TL0 to TL1 - but it hasn’t happened yet:

So based on the settings and the following description this user should be promoted already:

Seeing the above stats I would have expected that user to be promoted 1hr ago or more ago - at their last seen time.

EDIT: last seen time is now 2hrs and the user still hasn’t been promoted.

Any ideas?

(Stephanie) #6

It seems to vary. Having just signed up for a bunch of different Discoruses, I’ve ranked up several times in the past week. On some of them I saw the notification for Basic pop up while I was browsing, but one or two it happened when I came back to the site after having closed it.

(Mittineague) #7

It sounds like it depends on whatever the “last criteria” to be met is.
eg. if all criteria except “time” have been met, a new visit is needed.
if all criteria except “topics entered” have been met, it happens when the qualifying topic is entered

(Stephanie) #8

This indeed appears to be the case. I did one where I “read” the requisite number of posts very quickly and then parked on a post for 10 minutes, and didn’t get the badge until I closed it and came back. Then I tried two where I did the 10 minutes first and the reading after, and got the notification right away.

(system) #9

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Can you test this again @jomaxro — I want to understand it better and make sure we have not regressed here.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #11

Sure, but I’m not clear what exactly I’m testing. Users are certainly reaching TL1 here on Meta, promotion is working.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Specifically how is it working? Can a new user be granted TL1 in a single browsing session, without having to leave the site and return a little while later? That is what this topic seems to imply.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #14

Yes they can. Just confirmed on try by reading topics for 10 minutes - I then received the “Thanks for spending time with us” PM and the “Basic” (TL1) badge. I did not have to end my browsing session.