When does User Trust Level promotion occur?

One of the first actions a new user wants to take inside one of my communities is to upload a picture.

Obviously newbies are told to read a few topics when they complain about not being able to upload images.

But the complaints are occurring with more than 5 out of 10 new users (so over 50%)…

So I’m running Discourse v1.4.0.beta1 +34

I’m a but confused about when the Trust Level promotion occurs…

I’m probably missing something very basic in understanding this - or mis-reading these numbers

Sometimes when I spot the complaints I check the users and I see they have met the requirements…
… but the actual Trust Level promotion sometimes happens minutes later - other times - it feels like hours.

I'm using the default Discourse Trust Level Settings

I was expecting the following user to be promoted from TL0 to TL1 - but it hasn’t happened yet:

So based on the settings and the following description this user should be promoted already:

Seeing the above stats I would have expected that user to be promoted 1hr ago or more ago - at their last seen time.

EDIT: last seen time is now 2hrs and the user still hasn’t been promoted.

Any ideas?


It seems to vary. Having just signed up for a bunch of different Discoruses, I’ve ranked up several times in the past week. On some of them I saw the notification for Basic pop up while I was browsing, but one or two it happened when I came back to the site after having closed it.

It sounds like it depends on whatever the “last criteria” to be met is.
eg. if all criteria except “time” have been met, a new visit is needed.
if all criteria except “topics entered” have been met, it happens when the qualifying topic is entered

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This indeed appears to be the case. I did one where I “read” the requisite number of posts very quickly and then parked on a post for 10 minutes, and didn’t get the badge until I closed it and came back. Then I tried two where I did the 10 minutes first and the reading after, and got the notification right away.


Can you test this again @jomaxro — I want to understand it better and make sure we have not regressed here.

Sure, but I’m not clear what exactly I’m testing. Users are certainly reaching TL1 here on Meta, promotion is working.

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Specifically how is it working? Can a new user be granted TL1 in a single browsing session, without having to leave the site and return a little while later? That is what this topic seems to imply.


Yes they can. Just confirmed on try by reading topics for 10 minutes - I then received the “Thanks for spending time with us” PM and the “Basic” (TL1) badge. I did not have to end my browsing session.