When moving posts, links/quotes (that were moved too) don't get updated

(FichteFoll) #1

By this moderator action we can see that 11 posts have been moved to create a new topic. When going to that topic, and more specifically to this post, which quotes a post that has been moved along with it, we can observe the following:

The quoted reply is clearly the post above. However, when clicking the arrow to go to the origin of the quote we are redirected to the original topic where the posts have been moved from. However, the post is not there. Furthermore, the link list on the right side also specifies the old topic which can only come from the quote because there are not other links in the post.

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(Jens Maier) #2

This is still happening, by the way, as can be seen in the recently moved topic Changing or removing the last poster avatar highlight.
In addition to the :arrow_right: links being broken, clicking on the quote box’s header logs two errors in the console, the first a 404 when trying to load /posts/by_number/27098/87, the other probably being the result of the 404 not being expected.

Using (topic id, post number) for a post’s id is certainly nicer looking than the post’s own id, but if a post’s post number can be changed by a mod moving two posts to a different topic, it’s not going to work. Any quotes, internal links and shared links on other sites will 404 or, perhaps worse, go to the wrong post.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yeah there is still a lot of work to do in this area. cc: @eviltrout

Improved UX for external quotes
Improved UX for external quotes
(Luis del Giudice) #9

I’m sorry i’m new… I wanted to learn rails by contributing so should i try to look for a solution to this bug?

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Possibly, should be a matter of searching and replacing in the moved post bodies and perhaps any other topic or post that the database says is related.

(Luis del Giudice) #11

Just made the pull request Fixed bug where moved post links were incorrect by delgiudices · Pull Request #4072 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Gaurang Tandon) #12

I saw another instance of a somewhat related bug (feel free to split my post if this goes off-topic):

A user raised this flag:

He wanted to move his post to Corner Bar category. After I did it, this is the new post. But notice that the category in the post quote (screenshot above) is still the previous category to which the post belonged. This shows the bug that:

The category name in post quotes doesn’t update when the quoted post moved to a different category.

Even when you click the down arrow on the post quote to expand it, the category name doesn’t update.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Just rebake the post, select wrench on the post, then rebuild HTML.

(Gaurang Tandon) #14

Oops! Didn’t know it was that easy to fix :stuck_out_tongue: