When the administrator changes the category of a post, the original author has no permission to modify it

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The post above translates online as the same as the topic title.

I’ve tried this out by creating a category using a normal account, changing the category as administrator, and editing both the title and post text as the normal user. It all worked fine.

However, when I moved the post to a category where the user would not have been allowed to create a topic, the “pencil” beside the post title didn’t appear for the user, and on editing the post text (which was possible) the post title was greyed out and uneditable by the user. Maybe this makes sense. It was possible for the user to recategorise, though, which could be a way round this.

PS I’m on 2.7.0.beta2.


Isn’t this as designed? Wouldn’t that be the responsibility of the staff or admin to not do that?

I suppose there is an inconsistency between the ability to edit the text and inability to edit the title, though as you say it could well have been deliberate. I don’t imagine this happens often. I just was intrigued by the Chinese (or whatever it is) and ended up trying to reproduce the problem somehow.


A user created a post in the wrong category. After being moved to another category by the administrator, the user can no longer see the edit button! The user who tried to modify the post could not fix the problem! Only the administrator has editing rights! Does the forum system change its permissions after the administrator edits ordinary user posts? My forum version is 2.6.0! I don’t know if there is a problem with the system or what should I do to make the user editable again?

I haven’t a clue - sorry. Maybe the answer is to upgrade your software and see if that helps.

Can you confirm the user has editing rights in the category the topic is in? And does the user see the edit pencil on the post menu, below the post and maybe hidden behind three dots …?

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