When the "category" page is your homepage, under certain conditions you will end up on it not scrolled to the top

(Brentley Jones) #1

Over at @Lee_Ars’s forum, he has the category page set as the homepage. When I’m reading a topic, and I’m not at the top (so a reply down the stream, this post for example: Observations ** - useful info - Bigdinosaur Discourse) and I press on the home button (big dinosaur in this case) I end up on the category page, but it’s all the way scrolled down. If I do the same action from the top of the topic, I end up all the way scrolled up.

(Lee_Ars) #2

Huh, weird. I’d never noticed before because my browser window is usually big enough to encompass the whole category screen without scrolling, but when I size the window smaller and try, I can repro just as you say. Looks like it happens on Chrome & FF both.

I did a git pull about 30 minutes ago, so code should be current.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Does this happen with the back button too or just by clicking the home button only?

(Brentley Jones) #4

Home button only. Back button puts you where you were scroll wise.

(Lee_Ars) #5

Just wanted to bump and say that this is definitely still occurring. It’s not breaking anything, but it is a little weird.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

@neil is about to do away with the two-column category page in favor of the wide one this week, so this might become moot soon.

(Jeff Atwood) #7