Where can I create tags?


(Tenzan) #1

I have installed tagging plugin but can’t figure out where in discourse I can create tags.

(Stephanie) #2

I don’t think there’s a specific place to make a bunch of tags. (I could be wrong, I haven’t played with tags much yet.) As far as I can tell, you just create the tags on the topics.

(Stephanie) #3

(Tenzan) #4

I thought, the tags are created by admin, not users…

(Kane York) #5

By default, TL3+ can create tags. A tag that is already present on at least one visible topic is selectable by someone not permitted to create new ones.

(Tenzan) #6

Can you please point me where that place to create tags?
I couldn’t find it in admin panel.

(Kane York) #7

Because it’s not in the admin panel - it’s in the composer and the topic title edit UI.

A tag is “created” if it’s used at least once.

(Tenzan) #9

I think, this should be mentioned here The Official Discourse Tags Plugin: discourse-tagging in the Features.

(Sam Saffron) #10

it is now wiki, feel free to improve the copy, add screenshots and what not.

(Pad Pors) #11

I still can’t find it on a localhost machine. Is there any clue for tagging for the local host?

btw, can i add tag to topics in meta-discourse? since I even don’t find any options here or any tags attached to a topic.

(cpradio) #12

Did you installing the discourse-tagging plugin?

(Pad Pors) #13

yes, i’ve.
some information:

just installed the discourse on my ubuntu localhost.
installed tagging plugin & solved plugin.

I can see both in the setting of admin panel, but I can neither use tagging plugin nor see the solved plugin option in a category.

any problem with the installation? since other things goes quite well and i don’t know where to check?

(cpradio) #14

Provide a screenshot of your Admin > Plugins > Settings page, so I can see it.

(Pad Pors) #15

Thanks @cpradio.

it got solved by deleting stuff in ~/discourse/tmp/cache/ .
no idea what was the problem!