Where can I find the logic that hides the logo when a topic is opened?

I’ve made a custom header that has a link where the logo usually would sit. The logo has been moved to the center to keep with the brand’s other web pages. The problem I’m having is that scrolling down on a topic hides the logo and not the menu item, so the topic-title and menu item get jumbled up together.

So far, I’ve tried removing it with JS, but for some reason I cannot seem to get pageYoffset, or scrollTop to show anything other than 0 or the max. I’ve tried to hide the menu when the topic-title touches the header, but again, with no luck. I’ve now decided to just copy paste the code that hides the header logo instead, but I can’t seem to find it.

Does anyone know a way for me to achieve what I’m trying to and/or where I can find the code that makes the header logo hide when a topic is opened?


You might have a look at the several header theme components (search “#theme header”


Thanks for the tip, though I need to add; where do I look to search for those components?

Click the :mag:icon or type a /