Where can I fix my category ordering?

(Kevin Balla) #1

Hi all - wondering where I can fix my category ordering. I can’t find it under admin settings

(John Arce) #2


then click

Then you will see this move/drag icon

Other option is just edit category > settings > position

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Not exactly. You need to set the admin setting fixed category positions first for this to work.

(@neil, should we be automagically setting this to true when someone attempts to set a category order in the UI?)

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(Kane York) #4

How about this - show the position box in the edit menu, with a fa fa-lock and text saying this?

Manual category ordering is disabled. Click to enable.

Clear what’s actually happening, a clear action to take as opposed to magic, and certainly less clicks than going and setting the setting.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

That would be a good PR for you to work on, if you want to.

(Versus, say, lots of experimental UI that wasn’t quite what I had in mind ;))

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Ah, I just noticed we have this copy on the Settings page for category edit:

Categories will be displayed in order of activity. To control the order of categories in lists, enable the “fixed category positions” setting.

So really all we need is a link there that enables it.

(Kevin Balla) #7

Thanks guys! Just what I was looking for …

(Kkzhang) #8

I adjust the order of categories, but it works only in /categories page, but has not effect on here(as image)

I consider it may be a missing requirement or bug.

@sam @codinghorror

(cpradio) #9

See the following:


I checked fixed category positions

But I have no control of category ordering.

I have no visual of the wrench in my /cateigories

My Discourse is up to date! What am I missing? :disappointed_relieved:

(cpradio) #11

Wrench icon was removed. Click on each category, then the Edit Category button


Yup… I found out the ‘position’ field. Thank you :+1:

(John Kowtko) #13

cpradioSenior Tester said –
" Wrench icon was removed. Click on each category, then the Edit Category button"

sorry, this is pretty poor usability …

(I geuss there is no quoting capability either?)

(cpradio) #14

Works fine… ? What are you struggling with in quoting?

(John Kowtko) #15

Here’s my screenshot …

… well, I have a screenshot, but the forum won’t let me upload it. So let me try to describe to you what I’m seeing …

Under your post I have the following options:

  • “heart”
  • link (chain)
  • bookmark (pennant)
  • Reply <- button

I see no quote control.

Since I am not allowed to upload files as a newbie, should I assume I’m not allowed to quote others either? Or is there a less discoverable quoting widget something that I haven’t found?

Thanks. John

(cpradio) #16

No, you can. Just either use the mouse to select the text you want to quote, or click reply and click the button in the editor.

Or use j or k to use keyboard navigation and when you are on the post you want to quote press q

(Jeff Atwood) #17

The first toolbar button in the editor. Try it out! In addition to what @cpradio said, select what you want to quote with your finger or mouse.

(Jeff Atwood) #21