Where can we discuss the Markdown spec?


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Continuing the discussion from Bullet list render as heading style in preview pane:

On that note, is there any place we can go to discuss the Markdown spec? Afaik the original author stopped updating it a long time ago. Is there a “Markdown authority” to speak of? The closest I can think of would be one of the most popular parsers. Did Discourse write its own?

GitHub made some additions to Markdown which I think made a lot of sense, and as long as they’re included as optional switches I don’t see them doing any real harm to the original specification.


See Jeff’s post on the subject. Long story short, Markdown is in need of some serious standards committees or any kind of community guidance, the creator has basically abandoned the project but hates the idea of other people doing things with “his baby”. His post from October outlines some possible forward movement by the community. However, I’m not aware of any updates here… @codinghorror? How has the situation progressed? What do you see as the future of Markdown?

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Ah, thanks for sharing. We couln’t be any more on the same page really:

I propose that Stack Exchange, GitHub, Meteor, Reddit, and any other company with lots of traffic and a strategic investment in Markdown, all work together to come up with an official Markdown specification, and standard test suites to validate Markdown implementations. We’ve all been working at cross purposes for too long, accidentally fragmenting Markdown while popularizing it.

I guess the new question is: Any developments on this front? Any news from John Gruber, the Meteor guys, The Other Guys?

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I found a relevant conversation about Markdown in the Meteor mailinglist. There’s clearly progress happening, but it’s hard to tell if Markdown is being moved forward in one single direction or forked into multiple.

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Seems the people from Ghost.org are trying to establish a new Markdown standard.

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We now have CommonMark.org for this :smiley:

With forums running Discourse.