Where do I find items to review?

Hi I’m very new to Discourse so forgive me if this is a basic question or if this is the wrong place to ask.

It my menu in the upper-right corner I see multiple notifications that 1 item needs to be reviewed and 1 user waiting for approval. So my first question is why are there three notifications about “1 user waiting” rather than one notification saying “3 users are waiting?”

But my real question is how do I find review and approve these waiting users? When I click on the link that says Please review them it takes me to a page that says There are no items to review.

Am I looking in the wrong place? If so, where do I look? Or are there actually no users waiting? If so, why do I have the notifications and how do I clear them?

I am using version 2.8.0.beta4.

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Are you the only moderator/admin in your community?

Maybe someone else already reviewed the items. You can find out by changing the status filter in the review queue:

Yes, I am the only moderator and the only admin.
If I change the Status from Pending to (everything) I see a list of users, all say either Approved or Rejected

Is this the right place to be asking a question about this? Is there maybe another more technically-oriented support forum?

As I get new users I’m getting more and more notifications that never go away even after I approve each one. This list is getting longer and longer!

I’m not sure that I’m understanding the issue: new users create an account in your site. Then you go and approve them. After all of them have been approved, you still get the “1 item needs to be reviewed”. Is this correct?

What do you have in pending users reminder delay minutes?

Is there anything special about your installation? Anything custom? Any other setting you enabled besides the defaults?

Maybe you have something that hasn’t been reviewed and it’s not showing in the queue for some reason. You could check the reviewables table, with a query like this:

SELECT * from reviewables where status = 0
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Notifications don’t disappear. You can ‘dismiss’ them to mark them as read (or actually read them :slightly_smiling_face:) so they don’t show up as an active blue/red/green counter above your menu shortcut, but they stay in your list. The ones in the menu are the latest ones, and you can find all the rest in (eg) https://meta.discourse.org/my/notifications.

Or have I misunderstood?


That is correct.

That box contains a value of 1

I’ve done what I expect is typical customization, such as uploading my own images. The only thing that seems “special” is that I configured Google and Facebook login. Facebook contacted me and I’ve been going back-and-forth with them about testing, and in that process I have made a bunch of test accounts and deleted them. Maybe something got stuck there and is jamming whatever mechanism is supposed to clear the approved notifications from the menu?

Thank you for that! I will try it.

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I might be miscommunicating; I’m still learning all the terminology. You say:

and I assume by “latest” you mean the ones that have yet to be acted on?

What I’m seeing is that all the notifications are in the menu, even after I have approved them. That’s what I mean by “the list is getting longer:” the list in the menu is growing. Maybe when you say list you mean the page that shows the full history of notifications–I agree I don’t want to lose information from there.

The list in your screenshot. That’s the top x most recent notifications from your notification history, whether you’ve read/acted on them or not. That list doesn’t get smaller, it just gets updated (knocking off the older ones at the bottom). The blue/red/green counter that’s next to your menu icon is the number of ‘active’/Unread Notifications.

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Ah, I see. So on a new installation there will be nothing on that list? And then items will be added and then when there are enough items the oldest one will be replaced with each new one?

How many items will that list have when it starts replacing old ones with new ones?


That’s right. :+1: Like the ones you’ll have received here for these replies. The notification remains in the menu even after you’ve read the message.

I think that depends on your device and screensize. I get 8 here on meta on my tiny Honor 9 phone, and 10 on my medium laptop (though if I flip to Desktop Site on my phone browser I get a whopping 30 :slightly_smiling_face:).


There are some circumstances when many similar notifications get “rolled up” into one. Maybe this would be a good candidate for that? It seems fairly pointless to show so many identical looking ones.

Incidentally also I noticed that the screenshot in the OP shows PM notifications that seem to replicate the other @ mention notifications. That seems a bit excessive but I’m not sure how to address that. I think it’s important to email out these because they may be urgent.

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I’m glad you said this. I wasn’t sure if I was out of line thinking the exact same thing!

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