Where find my client.fr.yml language file

(Axel Briche) #1

Hello, when I enter find -name “client.fr.yml” on linux I have all this files:

I would like know why I have multiple location please, I have only one installation of Discourse.

How I can find the good file for my installation ?
Else after changing a language file, the good command is well /var/discourse/launcher rebuild app ?


(Régis Hanol) #2

That’s because you ran that command on the host and it’s listing all the different versions stored in AUFS (which is a “diff based” file system).

In order to find the correct location of that file, you need to run the find command inside the container (ie. after running ./launcher enter app).

(Kane York) #3

Please read this topic:

(Spero Koulouras) #4

From your linux host you need to use the command:

./launcher enter app (maybe with sudo)

Once you are in the app the file you want is most likely under


BUT you probably don’t want to modify it directly because it will be overwritten on Discourse updates. Instead, create a “site localization” file by using a plugin. It is very easy. See this thread for a thorough discussion: