Where is my discourse in FTP filezilla?

(flexihack) #1

I used the Filezilla software on my computer to have access to folders and files. I have a Discourse installed on Digitalocean. Not sure where my discourse are located.

(flexihack) #2

No one? @codinghorror can you help me?

(Kane York) #3

The data files should be in the /var/discourse/shared/standalone/ folder.

But are you looking to modify the HTML Handlebars templates? You’ll need to write a plugin to do that.

(Mittineague) #4

Yes, replacing modified files via FTP is possible.

But doing so this way is a maintenance nightmare, you’ll need to do so every upgrade.
Not impossibble, but a real PITA

Much better to invest the time and effort into putting together a plugin that will deal with your modifications

(Kane York) #5

But you’ll also need to recompile assets if you change any JS files, in order for the changes to be, you know, actually picked up…