Where is the best place to insert Viglink affiliate code?

Hi everyone, I searched but I only found relevant results from years ago, and they don’t exactly answer my question.

Viglink is a link rewriting code that adds your affiliate ID whenever users post links to Amazon and other retailers. You need to install code somewhere.

Where should I insert their code block? Any tips? Thanks!

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Also, here is what VigLink recommends:

Paste the VigLink Code on your pages
This code should be inserted at the very end of your pages, just before the </body> tag.

The code needs to be present on every page where you'd like VigLink to work. The best way to install this code everywhere is to add it to your site's template.
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We already have an official plugin for Amazon affiliates, so I’d use that.


Thanks for that link. I’d still like to use Viglink because that code will monetize eBay and others retailers.