Where is the toggle to see strings instead of text

Instead of text or labels, I see [US_EN.js.some.string]. I don’t remember in which settings menu this function is activated and given that all the buttons are bearing the system labels, i just can’t find it! I also can’t remember how this function is called so I couldn’t find anything on meta! Can a kind soul help me out of my misery?

Where are you seeing this? Your site looks fine to me.
You shouldn’t see any en_US.js.some.string strings, so there is no site setting to toggle. Maybe try a hard refresh in your browser.

I am an admin. When I am in settings or admin views. I know you can toggle to view either the normal text or the strings. Somehow the strings view got turned on (useful to see what is the system name for a label so you know what to search for when using Customize Text. ). I don’t remember where to turn it off.

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Oh, you mean the verbose localization site setting as described in Enjoy matching translated strings and their translation keys right in the GUI. I completely forgot about that one.



Not quite. They aren’t enabled!

I’m not using the browser but the iPhone app

Does this also happen in the regular browser or just the app?

Only have access by Phone atm. Will check on desktop later today.

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Finally have access to my computer. The problem is/was also with the desktop. Now there is another issue: when I changed the domain, it went smoothly, the old domain and new ones were both leading to the site. Unfortunately, it is not the case. at this time, access is intermittent and impredictable from either domaines… Dunno what to make of it…

the.fmsoup.org (new)
my.filemakers.community (old)

I can’t access any of them atm