Where to see if discourse can do what I want?


I want to build a web site where people post an item; image, video, piece of text. There will be 3 buttons under the item (items represents a proposition) agree/neutral/disagree.

You select your label (agree/neutral/disagree) and all comments of that type, for this item, appear. There will be a button for you to add comments of this type

It would be good if each of the comments could be replied to agree/neutral/disagree.i.e. the comments would be a tree.

Would such a thing be possible with discourse?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Yes, but you will have to build your own plugin.


Where do you recommend I start looking at the documentation?

(Sander Datema) #4

A quick search (plugin howto) gets you this:


Thank you. I will check it out.

For my site I am going to need a gallery where people can scroll through graphical content (video first frames and images). That will be where a lot of people look to find something to talk about. Else they will look through lists of content by tag.

I have to figure out whether to bolt those things onto discourse or bolt discourse onto a content management system. My site is about the media (images, videos, text) but also about conversations. I suppose I will have to look more into discourse have a think.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Well, you could do this by adding a poll to every topic.


Thanks again. You told me enough to get me started :slight_smile: