Where would I generate a template for all topics?

In discourse, there is a cool function called the topic template which you input under each category so when a person goes to post in a category the topic template comes up to guide the person.

I noticed that when you go to generate a post but haven’t picked which category to assign the new post to, the topic template, as you would expect, doesn’t come up.

Where might I go to generate a template that comes up whenever you generate a topic, even when the category hasn’t yet been selected? I am thinking it would likely be found under customize–>text content…?


This is a category-specific feature. There’s currently no way to set a global template.

What is the use case here? I’m curious what merits an identical template for every single topic.


We will have something like this in it:

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You could have this in the placeholder text like this topic



Thanks, @mikechristopher.

To clarify, ultimately what I am looking for are the correct keywords to search in here for the right templates:

to be able to:

a) Set what comes up whenever anyone replies
b) Set what comes up whenever anyone generates a topic

I already used js.composer.reply-placeholder to change the template text for replies and it worked beautifully but then I just noticed that changing this also makes that same template come up for topics, which I don’t want!

Any suggestions, @HAWK? (TIA)

“Type here. Use Markdown”

If you hit reply you will see the placeholder text that comes up


As terms of a template it’s not currently possible so was just giving another option for it. Didn’t realise you had already changed the placeholder text.


Ok, cool. Thanks, Mike.

I personally feel the placeholder text is by far the best choice here … but if you feel strongly otherwise, your best option is to make a topic template for every category, just copy and paste it in as the topic template for each category.

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Thanks, @codinghorror.

Why do you feel the placeholder text is by far the best choice?

I really like the placeholder text, too.

Currently, the placeholder appears in the reply window and also the topic starter window. Do you know if there is any way to have a different placeholder for the topic starter than the reply windows? If not, I’ll lump the placeholder for topics and replies together.

The problem with the individual topic templates is that when you generate a topic without a category assigned there is no way to have a template for that (or am I wrong on that?)