Where'd my signup button go?!

i wouldn’t normally make a thread just for this, but i’m running a remote hackathon with volunteers this weekend to launch a new tool to help communities better support people who are homeless around the world (you’re all welcome, it does include a discourse forum).

Anyway, i couldn’t find an answer here and i’ve just sent spent all day sending out invites, so everyone wanting to join in is not able to and is likely to give up on the hack. Can anyone see where my sign up button has gone?!

the forum

i imagine this may be related to SSO as we use Discourse as the SSO provider to Wordpress. Users probably can login if they create an account on Wordpress 1st, but that doesn’t work for the many who come directly to the forum.

I would be extremely grateful for some help/advice if anyone is able to.

Is the forum invite only? Have you un-checked allow-new-registrations?


you’re a hero @pfaffman. i have no idea how or why but allow-new-registrations was unchecked.