Which ID will add on Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

I have installed discourse affiliate plugin for amazon and in that plugin need to add “Associates ID”

so i have two ids on my amazon account. First is my store ID and second is tracking id.

Which one i have to in that box?

Pooja, did the Incorporating Amazon OneLink: making affiliated links on global forums much easier not work out for you?

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I have posted js code in Customize> Edit CSS/HTML Default> /body>

Got error when i saved js code.

“name entity expected. Got none”

After paste above is “rake posts:rebake” require?

You don’t need to rebake anything if you use my theme component.

For the error you could try using &amp instead of &. %26 will break the code as I pointed out in the guide.

Do not try to use the plugin and the theme component together.

When i write amazon URL as below format. Go to first time on that page and i click to that link then its open normal link.


But after refresh the page, and click to that link then amazon. com open in two window.

  1. Link has this type of content “imprToken” (may be this affiliate link)
  2. normal link as above screen shot.

Yes, for OneLink, the behaviour seems to be it opens the linked Amazon locale in the original tab then Amazon opens a new tab with the users ‘local’ locale as determined by the last shop they signed into. This is the One Link behaviour.

For example if I sign into my .co.uk account then click on the affiliate link(which happens to point to .com) it should open a new tab for Amazon .co.uk

It’s slightly annoying it opens two and you have to go back on the first to go back to the forum. Would be nice if it opened just one new tab.